Sedation Dentistry – Battle Creek, MI

There are many options available to dentists to eliminate their patient’s pain & discomfort during procedures. One of the most common tools used to numb areas of your mouth during treatment is local anesthesia, which temporarily blocks your nerves from sensing pain. Unlike general anesthesia, local anesthesia allows you to remain conscious, unimpaired & comfortable while the dentist completes your treatment. At the end of your procedure, you’ll be taking yourself home & the numbness will be completely gone in a few hours!

Wake up to a more healthy & beautiful smile with amazingly comfortable sedation dentistry. We care for patients who:

  • Are afraid of needles & shots.
  • Have had bad experiences before.
  • Have not been to the dentist in a long time.
  • Always gag when having dental work done.
  • Just can’t seem to get numb.
  • Feel their teeth are too far gone for traditional treatment.



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